It’s been 12 years, since my life altering experience. I often am curious, as to why I have no anger? No anger at the guy who flew over the median, on the Highway, crushing my Car, with me in it. No anger at Chance, for dishing ME out the, 1 in 200 Million, chance of getting hit by an out of control vehicle, going the wrong way on the highway. (What? I couldn’t have hit the Lottery, instead?) No anger, that it was ME and not someone deserving of such a fate. Someone devoid of love and conscience. Someone with no one depending on them for guidance, like my children. Or no one depending on them for their basic life needs, like putting food on their table, to eat. I have never said (perhaps until now) why ME and not someone else?
On the contrary, I made a statement once. I said, “It amazes me, as to how the disadvantaged and disabled people in this world, seem to have a much deeper insight on how advantaged they (we all) really are.” Instead of anger, I have a profound feeling of thanks. “Thanks” to God, for allowing me more time on the incredible Earth, that he created for us. That’s right, I said it, GOD. God, no matter what you may call him, no matter how you may see him, or even if you don’t “see him” at all. He sees you.
Some asked “what was it like, being in a Coma for over six weeks, the Science Books giving virtually NO chance of survival?” That’s where God and love kick in and where the Science leaves off. 
Reflecting, it was as if my Soul was released, temporarily, from my Body. I felt no pain and no sorrow. Only LOVE. Interestingly, I felt a little anxiety. My conscience was telling me “get going, you have to go to work and make money to support your family.” And then a weird thought of “but don’t go that way, to work because you will get into that accident”. Then, I also remember saying to myself, “how do you know you will have an accident?” Strange stuff, huh?
Yes, I felt the anxiety. But I also felt the LOVE. I think that was my devoted wife. The woman who, unbeknownst to me at the time, had given up her work, moved a bed next to me in ICU (they let her, because she’s medical) and stayed next to me for, six weeks, 15 major surgeries, kidney failure and a host of death defying challenges. This woman wouldn’t let a needle go into my arm, unless she knew what and why. I described her actions as, “she reached her slight, but powerful, hand, into the black Abyss of death, not ever letting go, and jerked be back to life.” And of course, the “love” of my poor children who had to watch their Dad on, what was supposed to be, his Death Bed. My son told me that ,every morning, my wife would take them out to Breakfast and say to them, “today you father is going to Die”. God, please forgive me for putting my children through that.
It has been said that “you come into this world with nothing, and you leave with nothing.” I disagree. I believe that “you come into this world with nothing”, but you leave, WITH A WHOLE LOT. They also say “you can’t take it with you”. True, you can’t take your material things “with you”. But I believe that the rael wealth accumulated in this world, you DO take with you. LOVE. 
I may be broke now, unable to work and support my family. All busted up. Barely able to stand and walk. 25%, man made, body parts. No longer able to speak clearly and proficiently, like I used to, when I raised my family, using my gift of exceptional speech. I equate it to a Concert Pianist, losing his fingers. 
However, I feel like I AM, the most fortunate man, on the face of the Earth.
tonymylo.comA feeling of anxiety. "Go to work, so you can care for your family. Hurry hurry go go go. But don't go that way because you'll get in that accident."
How do you KNOW that there will be an accident? ~ Memories of Coma

~On January 13th, 2005 his car was struck by a driver who lost control of his vehicle, flying over the median going the wrong way on I-4 and smashing into him, encasing him in a crunched up bunch of metal from where he was pried out of with the “Jaws of Life”.
It should have been a fatal crash but by the grace of God, he lived.
I will try to give a brief as possible, idea of his type of injures. It is quite possible that there many more issues that we has probably not been told about.
He was in a Coma for two and one half months, at which time he underwent 17 surgeries starting with the removal of his spleen.
He had Kidney failure and developed Diabetes wile in the Coma.
He suffered head injuries resulting in three Brain Bleeds.
 They cut two feet off his Colon.
He had large, deep “Bed Sores” (which you will recall, killed Christopher Reeve, the former Superman character) on his backside and heels for almost a year, which I believe have now healed.
He had a Colostomy Bag for a year, and then had a major Reversal Surgery.
The Colostomy surgery resulted in a herniated belly.
He has a metal Rod in his right Leg (the good one).
The left leg has a permanently damaged main nerve, resulting in “Drop Foot”
He has a metal Rod in his left arm
His left arm and hand have permanent nerve damage.
He suffers from Tinnitus, which is a constant, high pitched screeching in his ears.
As far as I know, he has had 14 major, surgeries to date.
The most recent surgery was a complete, artificial Hip replacement, with Prosthesis.

No God? Really? No scientific explanation?

So what do you believe in, science?

Well according to YOUR "science" books, this guy is


"Explain" THAT?

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